Core team

Team lead

Bin - Co-founder

  • Team leader of Teenshop Top 5 Vietnam I.T talent 2010 (E-commerce)
  • Betting liquidity pool developer, 10 years+ experience
  • Experienced with developing Casino products. Worked with Ezugi, top 5 casino in the world.
  • 6+ years in Crypto Mining, Trading
  • Vietlott Level 1 General Agent

CK Fong - Co-founder

  • Graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with Diploma of Telecommunication Engineering (2008)
  • 8 years in Military Security Products and Testing for Singapore Technologies Engineering as Testing Engineer
  • Advisory team for Online gaming security in Cambodia and Indonesia for 2 years
  • 5+ years experience in Crypto projects and trading algorithm bots
  • Chief Product Officer in crypto wallet investment company

Morgan - CTO

  • 18 years experience in graphic designing
  • 15 years experience in game designing
  • 08 years experience in building stock market platforms
  • 05 years experience in project management
  • 05 years participating in investment projects

Yen Ta - COO

  • 11+ years of experience in managing projects funded by US, UK, and Korea governments.
  • Experienced in project design, budget management, results-based reporting, and leading team.
  • Skilled and experienced in building and maintaining strong partnerships.
  • High level of integrity, efficiency, enthusiasm, and excellent skills in communication, problem-solving, and staff management.

Cuong Nguyen - Head Marketing

Head Marketing
  • 7 years in marketing mmo
  • 5 years mining and trading in crypto

Trang To - Community Manager

Community Manager
  • 1st class honours Law graduate at one of London’s top universities Distinction post-graduate and Master of Law, Business and Management
  • 3 years trading in CFD, Commodity, Stock market and Crypto

Dev Team

Tony Nguyen

15 years of experience in programming and operating
Many years of experience in working as a Technical Leader for game projects

Xavier Pham

14 years tech experience
7 years experience as Project Manager (PM)
8 years Head of Game Design

Jonson Luong

8 years tech experience
3 years of experience in Blockchain
2 years of experience in SmartContract

Zoro Bui

8 years tech experience in Backend Game
4 years web, mobile

Andy Nguyen

5 years of unity 3D programming
3 years of mobile game programming

Jurgen Luong

8 years of front end
3 years of cocos creator
2 years of unity 3D programming

Jame Phung

8 years of front end
2 years of cocos creator
2 years of mobile game programming

Warren Nguyen

8 years of front end
2 years of mobile game programming