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πŸ“£ Category: cross-platform web-based game

πŸ“£ Origin: self-developed product of IPI Corp

πŸ“£ Content: obtain and manage snakes (NFT) and participate in different game modes and battles, earning rewards according to your performance that can be exchanged for NAGA tokens.

πŸ“£The Chronicle of Naga has all the basic features of a usual game: Player profile, Chatbox, Mailbox, Rankings, Honors, Various game modes (F2P, P2E, PVP, Boss Raid), Shop and Marketplace, …

πŸ“£With the chat functions, the game aims to enhance the interaction and competition among players to develop the in-game community.

How To Start

πŸ”† Obtain NAGA token and exchange to NIT, the in-game token of The Chronicle of Naga

πŸ”† Use NIT to open snake box and generate a snake of random rarity per box.

🎬 Video tutorial:

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