The Snakes


Naga is a Hinduism demigod with the body of a snake and a torso of a human. Indians believe that Naga is a natural spirit protecting the streams, wells, and rivers. The legends and myths of the Naga are tied with the stories of the Ganges river.


Anaconda is a species with a large body that lives along the world's largest tropical river Amazon. It can easily break the spine of its prey with just a tail whip or body constrict.

King Cobra

King Cobra is the world’s largest venomous poisonous snake, living mainly in the deserts, along the Nile banks. It was once considered a symbol of the power of the ancient Egyptians’ Pharaohs.


Cobra is a very poisonous snake, known for rearing upwards, inflating its hood, and hissing loudly when it is attacking. It is found in many forest areas from South Asia to Southeast Asia. The rich, full of alluvials land of the Mekong River is its main habitat.


Viper lives spread out from Western Europe to East Asia, they are not considered particularly dangerous, this snake is not aggressive and often only bites when provoked, stepped on, or lifted off the ground. Its bite can be very painful, but rarely fatal. The romantic Danube river is considered a paradise for Viper in Europe.


Snake is the common name to refer to the group of reptile animals with a long cylindrical body without limbs. They can be found all over the world except Antarctica.

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